Is Guitar Fun? Survey of 117 People Reveal The Answer

I’m a bit biased because I personally think that guitar is fun and have played it for many years. So, I thought I’d do a survey of musicians to see whether they think that guitar is fun. Here’s the results.

Overall, guitar is fun. A survey of 117 people found that 82.0% of people said that yes, guitar is fun. Whereas, only 18.0% of people said no, guitar is not fun. Therefore, the chances that any given person will find guitar fun is very high. 

Most people find guitar fun for a number of reasons, so below I’ll cover them. As well as, explain whether it’s worth it to get a guitar, whether guitar is easier than piano. And how difficult it is compared to other instruments.

Is Guitar a Good Hobby?

Everyone only has 24 hours in a day. Therefore, choosing the right hobbies that will be fun, and is something you can continue to do and enjoy is important. So is guitar a fun hobby, and does it make a good hobby?

The results of the survey about whether guitar is fun, and therefore does make a good hobby as shown in the table below:

Question posed: ‘Is guitar fun?’Percent of people who chose each response
Yes, guitar is fun82.05%
No, guitar is not very fun17.95%

It’s also true that music in general is quite fun. But, guitar has some advantages over other instruments. They are:

Guitar is easy to carry around and play wherever you go

One of the most clear reasons is that it’s easy to carry around with you. Therefore, you can play it in the lounge, in your bedroom, out on the patio. And you can even take it on holiday with you. When compared to say a piano, and has to stay in one location because it’s so heavy. 

Guitar goes well with singing and popular songs are very easy to learn

Another reason is that guitar goes well with singing, and a lot of people love to hear a guitar and music in general. 

So, you can play a song that everyone knows and everyone will start singing. Or, you can take the more solo route and learn beautiful guitar pieces like those of classical guitar. 

Guitar can also be played at a very high level such as classical guitar

Although it’s easy to learn popular songs, you can also develop your skills with music and guitar to where learning guitar is almost never ending. Therefore, playing and learning guitar is a gift that keeps on giving.

There are various styles of guitar that are particularly difficult to learn and play. Such as, certain styles of rock guitar, jazz, as well as, classical and flamenco. 

When I learned guitar I started off learning songs from bands like Metallica, and Tool. But, then branched out into classical and flamenco styles. 

Sometimes, there are so many songs to learn that it can be a bit overwhelming. But, as long as you don’t give up it’s only a matter of time before you get good.

So, you can start off with some simple songs and get pretty good pretty fast, but then continue to learn pretty much for the rest of your life.

Is It Worth Buying a Guitar?

Buying a guitar is a considerable investment. If you’re younger it generally takes time to save up for a guitar. But, if you’re an adult you can easily afford a guitar. However, is buying a guitar really worth it?

Buying a guitar is worth it. Beginner guitars are very inexpensive and last as long as expensive guitars. An expensive or midrange guitar for a beginner is generally not recommended. But, once a person decides they find they will continue to play guitar, an expensive guitar can be justified.

Most people who are thinking about starting guitar are interested in how expensive guitars are, and what the differences are when you spend more versus spending less. 

So, I did some analysis and compared the sound quality of guitars at different prices, as well as, shared some of my own thought, and summarized everything in this article about how much a good guitar costs.

Guitars are generally low end, midrange, expensive, and very expensive. In that article I explained how much each of them are, the differences between them, and when it makes sense to buy a guitar in each of the different price ranges.

Is Guitar Easier Than Piano?

There are a bunch of different instruments that a person can take up. Piano is often recommended to learn at the same time as guitar, or before guitar because it’s easier to learn music theory. But, is guitar actually easier than piano. Here’s what I found.

Guitar is easier than piano. A survey of 150 musicians found that 20.67% of people said that piano is the hardest instrument to learn. Whereas, only 10.00% of people said that guitar is the hardest instrument to learn. Therefore, piano is easier than guitar.

The results of the survey are shown in the table below:

InstrumentPercentage of people who voted it is the HARDEST type of instrument to play and learn
Piano or Keyboard20.67%
Strings – guitar only10%
Strings all others – such as, violin, cello32%
Wind instruments – for example flute, saxophone24.67%

Of all the instruments, violin, cello, and stand up bass were voted as the hardest to play. Most people said that it is because it has no frets, so you need to be much more precise with your fingering.

This means it’s very easy to play the wrong note. And play it slightly too low or slightly too high. Which really affects how a song sounds.

Whereas, because a guitar has frets it’s much easier to see where to put your fingers to play the notes of a song you’re learning. Wind instruments were voted as the second hardest. In my opinion, it’s because you need to learn to keep enough air at all times.

While doing that you also need to focus on playing the notes. And it’s also quite difficult to blow correctly into wind instruments like the trumpet, or clarinet.

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