Is Learning Guitar Worth It? Experienced Guitarists Thoughts

I’ve spent many hours practicing guitar, and am now what people would consider good at guitar. A common question that people have when thinking about learning guitar is, is it worth it.

 So, I thought I’d share what I found, as well as, the opinions of lots of guitarists I know.

Overall, learning guitar is worth it. The reason that learning the guitar is worth it is that it makes a great hobby but can also be a profession. For example, you could be a guitar tutor or music teacher. The guitar is convenient to play and transport, is easy to learn, and many people play it.

Therefore, it’s easy to learn and play with others, which is fun. But, you can also play on your own.

Below, I will explain what’s involved in learning guitar, and more detail about why learning guitar is worth it. That way you can make an educated decision about whether the guitar is right for you. 

Overall, based on my experience with learning the guitar, and the friendships and fun times you’ll have I think you’ll find that you’ll really enjoy any skills you develop on the guitar.

Reasons Why People Stick With Guitar

I must say I’m a bit biased because I prefer to play the guitar over any other instrument. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s what I’m most comfortable playing and I struggle to play other instruments. 

Or, because it is actually the best instrument. But, there are some real reasons why learning guitar is worth it. And why guitarists continue to play guitar year after year. So, I’ll explain what they are below:

Interestingly, a survey was done on 20,000 guitarists in the UK and the USA. It showed that the main reasons that people play guitar are:

The reason they started guitarPercentage of people that said yes
Gain a life skill, improve themselves72%
Want to learn songs and play with friends and family61%

1. Gain a life skill

Once you know how to play guitar you never forget. And a guitar is almost always on hand. It’s widely known that learning music by learning an instrument makes you smarter. It also develops your creative side. Which builds your character and makes you a well-rounded and interesting person. It’s also something you will have in common with other people.

2. A guitar is easy to carry around

A typical acoustic guitar is fairly lightweight, and easy to carry around. When you compare that to a double bass or a drum set, the guitar is far more convenient to play.

For example, if you’re going over to a friend’s house you can grab your guitar case or even carry it as it is without a case. You can play it pretty much instantly.

A large instrument like a piano, or drum kit will need multiple people to help you take it anywhere or require much more time to set it up to begin playing.

Because of that, you can take a guitar to a beach, to a holiday destination, or to a friend’s house or a dinner party. You may be moved to give an impromptu performance. In some circles, singing and playing guitar at get-togethers is a favorite pastime.

Many people wonder about storing a guitar, whether you need a case, and if a guitar can be played and kept in the sun. I explained the answers to these questions in this article about whether you can leave a guitar in the sun.

3. It’s easy to play with others

The guitar is a very popular instrument. And I have found that playing guitar with other people is one of the most fun things about playing guitar. One person will strum a simple chord pattern.

And the other person will play musical scales and essentially improvise/freestyle over the chord.

Then, you can swap. On top of that, you can add in a backing track on a Bluetooth speaker some drums to make it even more fun.

4. It doesn’t take long to learn

You can begin playing the guitar immediately. The basic techniques such as how to hold your fretting hand, how to strum, and how to use your fingers and thumb to play the strings anyone can understand in a short amount of time.

Developing the strength and dexterity in your fingers does require consistent practice for a week or two. But, overall learning the basic chords like a C, D, and F is very easy, and a majority of popular songs use these chords.

There are also finite chords to learn. There are 8 major chords and 8 minor chords. 

A key reason why many people play guitar is that they can play songs that they hear on the radio or songs that they really like to listen to. A large percentage of songs that you want to learn to play are very easy to learn, once you’ve got a handle on the basic techniques.

What are the disadvantages of playing the guitar?

Through all my guitar playing, I did come across some disadvantages. So, I’ll describe what they are below.

The disadvantages of playing the guitar are:

1. It can be frustrating

2. Certain guitar setups can be quite expensive

3. Learning a new song doesn’t sound good.

The guitar requires precise finger coordination, and if one of the fingers is slightly out of place it creates a buzz or no sound which can be frustrating. 

For example, you could play a song perfectly all the way through, and then in the last part of the song you make a minor error and ruin the whole song. So, you have to practice that part on its own, and attempt to play it all the way through perfectly again.

If you buy an electric guitar and all of the equipment it needs it can be quite expensive. When you are learning new songs to anyone listening it sounds really bad. Which can be annoying for other people in your household.

Is learning guitar hard?

I taught myself guitar for the most part, but had a lot of guidance from a friend who played guitar since he was very young, and is a guitar teacher. I also took a lesson here and there. Additionally, I’ve taught a lot of people skills on the guitar so I thought I’d summarize whether learning guitar is hard?

As a general rule, learning guitar is not hard. The basic techniques that are required to play songs are very easy to learn. But, playing them really well takes many years of practice. A beginner-level song can be mastered in about 5 to 10 hours for a complete beginner.

In the beginning stages, guitarists will learn songs, chords, and scales. Once they know the most common chords and scales, they can begin freestyling and creating their own songs.

Wanna learn some more?

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