What Is More Fun Piano or Guitar? [Survey Results & the Top Reasons Why]

I’ve been playing mostly guitar for many years, but I’ve also played piano both as I learned guitar and after I’ve become quite good at guitar – humbly of course. 

So, I thought I’d answer a common question that people can have when thinking about whether to learn guitar or piano. Which is, what is more fun piano or guitar?

As a general rule, guitar is more fun. Playing guitar is more fun than piano because you can take it to more places, as it is easy to transport. Guitars are also easier to play with friends and family because of this fact. Additionally, a survey showed that people think guitar is more fun than piano.

There are some more reasons why guitar is more fun than piano, as well as, some aspects of piano which make it less fun than guitar. 

So, below I will explain all the reasons why one is more fun than the other, as well as, whether it’s better to learn guitar or piano first, which is harder to play, and whether a pianist can play guitar and vice versa.

Why Guitar Is More Fun To Play Than Piano

There are 3 primary reasons why guitar is more fun to play that piano

  1. Guitar is easier to play with family and friends
  2. It’s easier to find time to play guitar
  3. Guitar playing is similar to drums

1. Guitar is more often played with friends and family

Because a guitar is lightweight and easy to carry around it’s easier to take it to gatherings, and social events. A piano by comparison is fixed in it’s location because it’s so heavy. Therefore, the opportunities to play piano are limited to times when everyone gathers around it.

A guitar is also small, and so a person can play it while sitting in a circle with family and friends. You can even have two or three people playing guitar together which makes it really fun. Whereas, with piano it’s rare to have two pianos in the same house.

Everyone would agree that singing is a favorite pastime around the world, and guitar and singing go so well together. In my experience singing with piano is usually limited to ballad type songs. Whereas, with guitar you can play rock songs, pop songs, church songs, and even write your own songs.

2. It’s easier to find time to play guitar

Related to the first reason is that it’s easier to find time to play guitar. For example, you might just be relaxing on your patio, and you might as well have your guitar with you and play a few licks.

Or, you might be going to the beach with some friends and take your guitar along with you to play in the back seat, or at your beach house. However, with a piano you wouldn’t have nearly as many opportunities to play it. Because you can’t easily take it with you.

So, all things considered you’ll have more fun with a guitar than a piano. But, this is just one aspect of what makes an instrument fun. The next reason covers which instrument is more fun to actually play.

3. Guitar playing is closer to drums than piano

Guitar is similar to hitting drums in that the playing hand (the right hand on most people) can strum, and in some styles such as flamenco can tap the guitar.

Guitar strumming can create a rhythm similar to drums. And creates a lot of fun positive energy.

Whereas, with piano can only be used for the melody and harmony and can’t really be played to keep a beat. For that reason, piano missed out in the fun percussive aspect of playing music, which is very enjoyable. Therefore, guitar has another fun aspect to it that piano doesn’t have.

Which Is More Popular Piano or Guitar?

I was initially attracted to guitar over piano, mostly because I had an interest in rock music. But, something I often wondered was which instrument is more popular piano or guitar. I looked into surveys and studies and here’s what I found.

Overall, guitar is more popular than piano. A survey conducted by Classic FM radio station found that 45% of people wanted to learn guitar, whereas, only 35% of people wanted to learn piano. This shows, however, that they are reasonably close in how popular guitar and piano are overall.

But, as you can see guitar is 10% more popular than piano. Here’s a link to the study. As part of the survey people could respond with more than one instrument. For example, they choose both guitar and piano.

So, overall guitar is more popular than piano. I found the practicality of playing a guitar, the fact that I had the potential to join a band easily if I wanted, and a few of my friends played guitar and in my opinion are the key reasons I started learning guitar.

What Is Harder To Play Piano or Guitar?

I’ve played guitar for more than 5 years, and played piano for about 6 months so I thought, I’d explain which is easier to play. Here’s what I found.

Overall, piano is more difficult than guitar. Playing piano requires the use of both hands to play notes. Whereas, a guitar only uses one hand to play notes most of the time, which is easier. But, as a beginner a piano is easier to play as the notes are easier to press and play than on a guitar.

The reason is that pressing the keys on a piano have a larger margin for error and requires less precision. It’s a very natural hand position playing the piano, and is very similar to using the keyboard on a computer. Whereas, when you first play guitar the position of the guitar can feel awkward and difficult to keep steady.

While, adding the extra difficulty of trying to play it at the same time. However, once you get past the initial awkwardness of holding the guitar and developing strength in your hands, if becomes as easy to play as piano.

The sound a guitar makes is only created with one hand. Whereas, on a piano the sound is created with both hands independently.

In guitar you do what are called hammer ons and pull offs. This is where the fingers of the fretting hand. The left hand on right handed folks pulls on the strings to add extra notes.

Hammer ons and pull offs are used quite often. But, note nearly as many notes are played with the fretting hand when compared to how many notes are played by the fretting hand when a person plays piano. Where both hands are used closer to the same amount.

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